Social Media Ads Management

Social ad management comprises of development of creative ads and promoting over social media websites. It includes management of advertisement and optimization to increase ROI(Return on Investment).

With social media advertising you can onboard new followers, fans or potential customers through highly targeted campaigns.Increase the traffic of your website or increase the number of mobile installs or increase the number of customers at your physical location; all through one social media advertising. Moreover, you can reach to right people on right time via social media advertising.

Targeting can be done in different ways and also mixture of all below:

Geo Targeting

Based on city, region or country

Interest Targeting

Based on different interest group

Demographic Targeting

Based on gender, age, relationship status, income, job title,education qualification, etc

Behavior Targeting

Based on travel, use of technology,events participation, etc

Look-a-like audience targeting

Based on the existing audience, finding the new one similar to before

Custom Audience Targeting

Based on users on website, we can remarket our product/service through social media advertising

We are proficient in Ad Management

Our Socialee’s advertising professionals work around the clock to get our clients reach their customers effectively and efficiently. We strive for low cost per click / cost per like / cost per follow for all of our clients no matter what industry or niche.

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