Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management means managing your all social media profile like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, etc in an integrated manner and create a viral marketing plan.
It includes continuous updates about your brand and more important is interaction with your customer.

Nowadays customers not only check brand’s presence on social media presence and reads review written by other users, but also check whether brand is responsive or not. Customer’s trust also increases when he/she observes his/her friend is also following the same brand.

For all these, it is necessary for a brand to manage all social media profiles in an utmost professional manner. We, at Socialee, take care of this with a pride of expertise. We are a team of content writers, graphic designer, social media strategist and social media manager. So, this helps a brand to get social with lucid content, attractive graphics and integrated strategy.

Our dedicated team

spends a large time in connecting and engaging with customers (community based social marketing) on behalf of the brand. This increases the trust and loyalty of customers towards the brand.





Our Prime Focus

  1. Make clients accessible to those interested in their products and makes them visible to those who don’t know their product.
  2. Create a personality of the client’s brand.
  3. Personalizes the client’s brand and helps them to spread their message in relaxed and conversational way.

Socialee strives to ensure that through social media marketing we can decrease the gap between customer and a brand. Therefore at Socialee we aim at creating brand awareness, initiate and encourage consumer interactions and also look after the reputation management.

Whats Included?

We aim at creating brand awareness, initiate & encourage consumer interactions & also look after the reputation management.

  • Social Account Setup
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Plan
  • Content Creation
  • Postings
  • Social Media Listening
  • Business Page Optimization
  • Increase Network Popularity
  • KPM Reporting
  • Spam Monitoring
  • Reputation Management
  • Facebook App Development